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Reidentifying Bradwell Power Station on a Recreational Coastline


Situated as a prominent feature in the skyline of the Dengie Peninsula, the decommissioned Bradwell Power Station is culturally disconnected from the Bradwell-on-Sea and the local area.


Although visually dominating the landscape and landmarking the mouth of the River Blackwater at Bradwell-on-Sea, the infrastructure is forgotten in its cultural significance and visual association with the local area.


Alongside tackling global issues of rising sea levels, declining tidal habitats and sustainable landscapes, Bradwell Power Station is integrated back into the local area as a recreational destination promoting sensitive use of the ecological coastline.

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Meg Cowell

Winner - People's Choice Award 2022


Sponsored by Essex Gardens Trust

Winner - Best Exhibition Piece

Sponsored by Gillespies

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Meg Cowell's project

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