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BA (Hons) Professional Floristry & Floral Design

Lorraine Yeboah


Should florists stock more UK grown flowers?

Approximately 70% of flowers sold in the UK are imported from Holland.  When I first looked into my research proposal, I wanted to understand if Brexit would impact on the flower trade in the UK and find out if now is the time to stock more UK grown flowers to combat the potential difficulties of sourcing flowers following Brexit.  There seems to be a demand for UK grown materials and a whole network of flower farmers and growers is in place to supply seasonal materials.  

I interviewed growers, florists, and wholesalers to find out their views.  Whilst the UK grown materials have a valid place in the industry the, often, small scale flower farmers cannot meet the UK demand for flowers in terms of quantity, and range.  However, there is a market for special occasion work, such as weddings, where florists often source UK grown materials to feed into the trend for seasonal, natural materials.   Larger growers tend to sell directly to supermarkets, so little is available via wholesalers to then sell on to the general public.  UK grown materials are seasonal and good quality, but my research showed that imports will always be required, if not only to supplement UK grown but simply because they are cheaper.

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