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BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture

Silk Rewoven


Galgate Silk Mills are designated Grade II listed buildings owing to its architectural and historical value. A part of the fabric of the village since early 1700s, it formed the livelihood for most of the local people for 178 years. Many of their memories are connected with the prosperity of the mills and its importance during the Industrial Revolution. Its silk production has been internationally celebrated and today, it remains the only surviving example of its kind.


‘The successful synthesis of ecology and design offers the opportunity to diminish the degradation of our remaining resources, by combining nature and culture within landscapes’, Forman, 2002.


The project proposal is to create a landscape design that rebuilds upon the post-industrial legacy and restore environmental issues. Its main aim is to draw public awareness to the heritage of Galgate Silk Mills and the village as a microcosm that reflects the increasing industrialisation across Britain as a whole during the era that Galgate Mills were constructed. The project also aims to give the Mill a new contemporary layer while preserving elements of its legacy.

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Laura Carvalho-Kelleher

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Silk Rewoven

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