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BA (Hons) Art and the Environment



I aim to challenge our notions of time as an unceasing, unstoppable motion and present a space for slowing down.

The work is a two part installation, first, a walk-in camera obscura projecting a view of the Writtle campus. We see students making their way across campus, tea room guests enjoying lunch, cars rushing by in front of a backdrop of clouds and gently swaying trees.  It takes up to 10 minutes for eyes to adjust to the darkness, those allowing themselves time are rewarded with clearer views and stronger colours.

In the next space we see a vibrant slow movie of a dandelion on the TV. The more time the viewer spends watching, the more they see and hear- bumblebees, ants, birds, the open and close of the flower from morning through to evening.

Through seeing a little differently we are offered the chance to appreciate the spaces around us we may easily overlook.

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Kayley Passingham