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BA (Hons) Professional Floristry & Floral Design

Jiyoon Paek


Do florists use sustainable wrapping materials?

With an increased consciousness of sustainable issues, packaging comes to the fore for florists.  Every bouquet needs to be wrapped not just for aesthetic purposes, but also to transport flowers in an easy, reliable way ensuring the quality and presentation of the flower materials. 

My research was based on several interviews with florists based in South Korea to see what materials they are using  and if, and how, they have adapted their packaging to be more sustainable.  It became clear that whilst florists are concerned about environmental factors, this often just equates to the use, or not, of floral foam.  Wrapping is not particularly considered, and florists use single use cellophane more than anything else to wrap flower material and plants, because it is easy and quick to use.  It is also cheap and allows the florists to wrap flower materials in an attractive way, which the consumers demand.  Some florists have tried to offer biodegradable Kraft paper or fabric, but often this is more expensive, not waterproof, and therefore consumers will not pay the higher price.  It was felt that there needs to be more consumer education around packaging in order to move forward with a more sustainable offer in future.

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