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BSc (Hons) Landscape & Garden Design

Taming the Untamed


Swanscombe Peninsula was once a home where Britain’s first cement industry flourished for over 100 years. After the industrial use, the peninsula has remained as the last remaining brownfield in the Thames estuary. Also, the site has SSSI site designation as enormous marsh areas, including about 16 types of different habitats containing valuable species such as breeding birds, invertebrates, and riparian plants. Whilst the site’s scale and geographical location make the peninsula an ecological repository, its value relatively loses attention by people because of accessibility issues to the peninsula, including the design site from the Swanscombe station.

Thus, the project “Taming the untamed” aims to bring landscape users to the isolated site that retains both prosperous natural and industrial values, formulating a new theory called ‘Territorial relinkage system.’ Territorial relinkage system determines enhanced connectivity and legibility for the peninsula to attract naturally people to the design site from the peninsula, designing visual cues for users. The visual cues are designed into distinctive landscape features that serve as guidance or indicator for landscape users like the giant pylons do at the peninsula, and create underpinning infrastructure throughout the peninsula. These visual cues integrated into diverse habitats and landscape typologies at the site, creating relevant programmes and activities which bring people to the site. Moreover, new planting strategy that can support the existing plantings and maximise the current habitats’ functions provides foundation which can preserve natural areas, but also builds platforms where human and nature coexists and thrive in a long term.

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Jiyeon Park

Winner - Best Use of Hard Landscaping

Materials 2022 (Undergraduate)

Sponsored by CED Stone Group

Commended - Best Exhibition Piece 2022

Sponsored by Gillespies

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Jiyeon Park's project