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BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture

Broader Connections.

The Deal Ground, Norwich. Promoting a cohesive relationship between the urban environment and wider ecosystems.


The Deal Ground is situated on the eastern fringe of the city of Norwich, Norfolk. The design aims to create an urban wetland centre and innovative housing development on the outskirts of Norwich through introducing green infrastructure in the urban environment. The overall initiative is to promote urban biodiversity and how this can give back to the community through ecosystem services primarily in accordance with suitable alternative natural greenspace (SANGS).

The rejuvenation of the Deal Ground can lead to the area becoming a valuable asset within The Broads ecosystem which can increase species richness and habitat quality closer to the urban environment. This will create a crucial green link between the city and the diminishing rural landscape. 

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Broader Connections. The Deal Ground, Norwich. Promoting a cohesive relationship between the urban e

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