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BA (Hons) Professional Floristry & Floral Design

Heidi Appleyard


Should floral foam be banned?

The aim of my research was to investigate the opinions of floristry industry professionals and ask whether they believe floral foam is harmful enough to ban it completely, or if they feel it is essential in running a successful business.

Floral foam has been considered an essential mechanic within the floristry trade since its invention in 1953.  It revolutionised floral design by prolonging the longevity of cut materials as fresh materials could be placed in the water retaining substance.  This enabled a greater scope of designs to be created and floral foam soon developed into many different shapes and sizes and florists have benefitted from its ease of use and convenience ever since.


With increased concern around sustainability: should floral foam be banned as it is derived from a single use plastic and takes many years to biodegrade, if at all.  Through my research I spoke to key players in the industry and received questionnaires from over 100 florists around the UK to try and find a consensus.  Whilst there are many social media posts highlighting the negative impact of using floral foam, my research has brought to the fore the dilemma that many commercial florists face: they want to use foam for commercial and practical reasons, as there are no real alternatives available as yet, but are fully aware of the ethical dilemmas of doing so. 

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