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BSc (Hons) Landscape and Garden Design

A Journey Through Time

Using adaptive heritage sites to create a sense of place and community cohesion.


This project addresses the effect of overshadowed urban heritage, due to urban sprawl and population growth, on community cohesion and sense of place. High Wycombe, a large commuter town in the south of Buckinghamshire, England, is exemplar of an incohesive community, which, due to development, has lost touch with the rich heritage of the town. Raising awareness of this heritage, through creating adaptive heritage sites, and improving the connectivity between the sites, will encourage community cohesion and the re-discovery of a sense of place.

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Grace Allman

Winner - Best Use of Hard Landscaping

Materials 2021 (Undergraduate)

Sponsored by CED Stone Group

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A Journey Through Time

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Concept Film

A walk through High Wycombe ​

The masterplanned area aims to better connect the heritage elements within the Eastern Quarter of High Wycombe. This connection is suggested by material use, plant use, and a repeating theme of ‘train tracks’ to reiterate the Wycombe station as the ‘hub’ and ‘gateway’ for the town and scheme. The planting of avenues will represent the concept and encourage movement towards the gathering spaces, by increased frequency in planting towards The Market Square and The Brunel Engine Shed.