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BA (Hons) Art and the Environment

I am a second-year student of BA (Hons) Art and the Environment at Writtle University College. My artwork takes a symbolic view on a spectrum of world issues. Through painting, sculpture and digital illustration and design, I strive to create eye-catching and meaningful pieces. Often referencing bereavement, my work explores personal aspects of my life and varying relationships between Street Culture and Surrealism.


While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, my reasoning stays consistent. I believe my practice will continue to develop in many ways and I hope to one day achieve public engagement with my work as well as explore my passion further in skateboard graphic design. I currently freelance for a number of organisations producing brand and logo designs.

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Freya Parker

Get on Board – With Writtle University SkateRun


The “Get on Board” project, is an environmentally friendly travel system for Writtle University College. Along the trail are many different interactive attachments, each play an important role to encourage physical, emotional and cognitive developments, to a diverse community. All together my piece consists of a physical and digital model of my full project, close-ups of different areas along the trail, and an interactive map that allows users to see the trail from their laptops or mobile phones.

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Entrance Sign

A natural sign that visitors will watch blossom and wilt. Becoming part of a journey of life and death and starting their own along the trail.


Art installation map

Final Piece

Final piece (physical model version)
Final piece (physical model version)

Final model scale version of Writtle University’s own Skate run.

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Final piece (digital close up)
Final piece (digital close up)

Digital image of physical model, with close up additions.

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3D Model

Interactive 3D version of physical model for the Skate Path.

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