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Adennill y Mochyn Du


Onshore wind farms alone have the potential to deliver 17x current global energy consumption if their presence in the landscape can be made palatable to society. Opinion of them is genuinely mixed with positive aesthetic words, such as majestic, often used and their role connecting past through present to future celebrated.


Wales has a history of mining since at least Roman times with the quality and quantity of coal influencing Britain’s role in the industrial revolution. Between the easternmost coal-bearing valleys of South Wales, consideration is being given to significant development of wind turbines.

The design put forward here creates congruence from past through present to future for the site and its surroundings in the abiotic, biotic and cultural axes. It gives regard to vernacular elements associated with the full range of historic mineral extractions and the communities that arose around them in the area. The design includes the planting of deciduous trees that over their life time will sequester more than 40000 tonnes of carbon.

Throughout the design, consideration has been given to the views created by the design and their visual impact. It is not the intention to minimise or mitigate the renewal energy development but to celebrate and engage the community with it.

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Dr Jeremy Penn

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