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BA (Hons) Art and the Environment



Whirlings, a kinetic sculpture and walk, has been inspired by life’s journey and a need to stop, reflect, ground oneself and focus on the now.

Whirlings is a culmination of meditative steps and focus to enable the audience to participate in and experience a few moments to reflect and consider themselves and their direction, not just literally but emotionally and metaphysically.  

With the focus being that the audience enjoy the piece whichever way they wish, the aim is for it to be a sensate experience whereby everyone can participate.

2 QR code links accessible via mobile phone, enable visitors, particularly with a hearing or visual impairment, to listen to some words of encouragement.  Canes are available at the beginning of Whirlings that invite the audience to use, may they wish to feel the sensory vibrations. It ensures all senses are experienced in one way or another for everyone, including wide pathways and easy wheelchair access.

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Claire Jebbitt


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