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MA Landscape Architecture

Visibility | Expression | Temporality

A Transient Exploration of Ecological Aesthetics at the Hythe


UK rivers are currently failing environmentally; 84% have poor ecological standards (Laville 2020). The river Colne, running through the Hythe, Colchester, is undermined and forgotten, suffering failing chemical levels. In the context of climate change, it is imperative to intervene in the design of urban river’s ecological functions, to restore their status and condition. 

This design proposes ecological aesthetics as a method to address the imbalanced relationship between ecology, aesthetics, and landscape preferences. Using a system of intertidal terraces and river platforms, this design exploration aims to transform the Hythe into a vibrant maritime water-front, producing a culturally sustainable landscape which is responsive to the transient tidal nature of the Colne; a new ecological urban river aesthetic is proposed.

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Winner - Best Exhibition Piece 2021

Sponsored by Gillespies

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