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BA (Hons) Professional Floristry & Floral Design

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Audrey Williams


How can the high street florist survive?

With so many media reports about the ‘death of the high street’: what will become of the high street florist?  Competition from the internet, supermarkets and various other outlets makes life challenging for the traditional florist shop.  It was clear from the literature search that the internet had caused a shift in consumers shopping habits. Through my research I wanted to find out what could the florist do to fight back and differentiate their offering in order to adapt and survive?  After receiving questionnaires from over 200 people, the consumer view is that florists play a valuable role in delivering specialist design, quality materials, and freshness.  However, price has a huge part to play, with an assumption that florists are more expensive. To combat this, high street florists need to clearly show their pricing and raise their profile, focusing on the large variety of first-class quality flowers they stock.  They also need to offer things that the competition cannot – namely the personal specialist service.  Consumers surveyed were keen to learn more about flowers and wanted to attend workshops to learn how to arrange flowers.

Since the research was completed, Covid 19 has struck and now high street florists are closed.  Whilst some are able to move online, many cannot.  It would be fascinating to review consumers perceptions of how to re-engage with consumers following from ‘the lockdown’.

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