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Art by Louise Wells (BA (Hons) Contemporary Art & Design


MA Garden Design
MA Landscape Architecture
Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture

Postgraduate design courses in Writtle Design propose a new emphasis and direction based on an interdisciplinary platform of knowledge and understanding. The postgraduate programme follows a sequence of related design and theory projects leading to a grounded and innovative way to comprehend and find meaning in the places in which we live and work.

This exhibition showcases the Advanced Landscape Architecture and Garden Design Studio Final Project. Students self-selected a topic for exploration related to their MA dissertation research area and this encourages students to pursue innovative design modes, emerging practices and important topics in contemporary practice. Appropriate sites were selected for their research interests and tutors supported students in exploring and developing their ideas and applying theories and models. Experimentation occurs through a variety of tools such as mapping, layering, modelling and video making. Videos were produced in relation to the topic and they explore concept, site, analysis and theories that students investigated throughout their journey. The work includes a range of explorations in a broad conception of a design project, including ‘design as process’ and ‘design as a strategy’.

These research related projects display a range of skills and the creative ideas of students, and the way in which these can be applied to achieve innovative design outcomes. There are new modes of representation, capturing a wide range of subjects in landscape architecture including: new garden city design, post-industrial landscapes, creative heritage management, green infrastructure networks, socially inclusive urban design, coastal landscapes, flood remediation and hospital gardens.

The projects provide an opportunity for viewing the work of the next generation of Landscape Architects and Garden Designers that will shape the design form of our cities as complex cultural, social and ecological products and reinterpret the rapidly changing context for landscape in the discussion of the contemporary city.

Writtle Design would also like to recognise and thank all our visiting professors, lecturers, and professional partners who contribute to the student learning experience.

Course Team:

Dr. Saruhan Mosler (Course Manager), Professor Peter Hobson, Steve Jeyes, Mick Lavelle, Sandra Nicholson, Richard Romang, Steve Terry, Dr Poone Yazdanpanah. 

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MA Landscape Architecture

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MA Garden Design

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MA Garden Design

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MA Landscape Architecture


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